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12 Aug
"Leaves" by Kyanna Kitt

“Leaves” by Kyanna Kitt


Time escaped me as if it were silt passing through the groves between my fingers

Artlessly I felt the albatross tick away from my dear ‘ole grandfather, from whence it came

Each twilight making it’s own pace- peaceful ferry ride…

A cruise that even the wisest man could not explain-

I, barely breaking evening myself, always seem to wonder…

Never in the moment but always dotting about the trail of footprints it leaves.

Now, we essentially do not exist, but always inherently will be.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Feel free to leave your thoughts. Namaste.

Bay View

12 Aug
"Sunset At Victoria Beach" by CNaene ~ Image courtesy of

“Sunset At Victoria Beach” by CNaene ~ Image courtesy of

Bay View

Wild ripples trample the sea-foam giant of the sea like rogue horses amidst an open trail

Little birds embellish it like plops of white cotton swirling about the ribbon of its energy flow

Crowded fields of green spectate from the rolling hills about the wisp ivory frills that were waves curling and crashing into the sandy coast-

The air reminiscent of the sweet summer dew that accompanied the morning sun

The soft pewter of the sky happily acted as her backdrop

And even he heard the praise.

Voices caressing the warmth of the atmosphere anxious to meet him

There were glowing & so was she though the brilliance that radiantly had shown through the beams of the sun

I, perched on a pale yellow seat like a cardinal to a branch, quietly thought…

Literature spills from my head like words from pages

Free-falling waterfall both tranquil and impatient like waiting for 5 o’clock.

I enjoy life by the bay with it’s frugal festivities and dives

I say, “ Life isn’t seeing nor does breathing mean you’re alive.”

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

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