Prompt 2: Fear

15 Aug

Prompt 2: Fear

Rolling around some pitch dark room at night, I shifted my head to catch the coolness of the pillow beneath the thick heat under my chin. I was sleeping with my eyes wide open. This frightened me. It had never happened before. Not to me. The room, I felt had only one wall housing me. The other three nonexistent both virtually and physically. Walls. They act as my womb, my shield, my fortress. My shelter. My defenses were minimal. Just a thick blue paisley quilt sheltered me- Not that you could see it, but I did feel it. Just as I felt another presence looming amidst the black mass that was my room. My true room, the one that only is when I myself lay dormant. The one my soul rests in.

The true place in our parallel sister dimension. The darkness that was our true abode. Unconsciousness. Unforgiving- Unwillingness to reside peacefully within ourselves. Pessimists, those wicked demons, menacingly approaching around me like ominous gales forcing themselves through the open window that was my room. What was I to do? Their dark chakras were holding me there. I was petrified. If only my guard-

My guardian,” I thought aloud.

I thought all I have to do is – My lips pressed shut so that I couldn’t even murmur. I was voiceless- Merely a lifeless artifact there in that dark place and yet they had heard everything. My eyes now opened and widened with fear. Suddenly, the one thing that protected me was ripped from my body. The cold air washing over the dampness of my skin. That large blanket wasn’t thrown- No… It was floating! It appeared to me- It was the only thing I could see, and that demon put it on- Like a cloak. He stole my only hope. My body now shuddering, I held myself. He was floating now directly over top of me. As quickly as he had appeared he vanished, tossing the blanket back over my head almost mockingly.

That night I met a true terror I wish to never encounter again. One word of advice I can give is, if you find yourself enveloped in darkness, to truly hide….Don’t forget your head! I’m still not sure whether it was the uncertainty of the darkness or the creatures that dwell within it that scared me more, but I know that I’m not a skeptic. Never anymore.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

5 Responses to “Prompt 2: Fear”

  1. mindlovemisery at 2:42 AM #

    This is fantastic! Very scary and very well told. I felt like I was write there experiencing that moment with you “shudders” Did this happen in real life? I have had encounters with an incubus and my friend has had a demonic encounter very similar to yours. She says wearing a hat makes her feel more protected she often keeps the blankets fully over her head. Thank you so much for participating in prompt, I hope to see a lot more of you! Thank you also for your encouragement at my blog it means a lot to me =)

    • KyannaKitt at 10:15 AM #

      Well, whether or not this really happened is hard to tell. I was asleep. At first. It just all happened so fast. Notice how I mostly could only tell what was going on by my sense of feeling. I have had ‘nightmares’ practically ever since I can remember. I hardly ever have a normal dream. I don’t know why this is- I’ve found that when I sleep with a knife I’m protected. I have had many “encounters” – maybe I should write about them here on my blog…. Hmmm….

      • mindlovemisery at 10:22 AM #

        Please do write about them as I would be most interested It is hard to know I had a very vivid experience with an incubus myself

      • KyannaKitt at 11:09 AM #

        I will. I will keep you posted dear. I’ll try and tag you in the post when I start uploading them.


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