~The Nobody~

19 Aug

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~The Nobody~

In the dark she stands alone,

A place where she’ll never be known

Hiding from all the world,

A peaceful life she wishes not to behold.

Crying from up above,

And sometimes wishing she was loved.

Watching as her tears fall down,

Like rain and thunder, but not a sound.

As she sits above the rest,

She thinks, “Is this a test?”

A test to see her love for all,

To also see if she will fall.

Always sitting there not thinking,

Sometimes not even blinking.

Into the dark abyss she stares,

An expressionless face is what she wears.

Waiting till the day she dies,

And always hearing nothing but cries.

Never wanting to handle the truth,

That she’s a nobody throughout her youth.

And so she screams in a loud tone,

“In the end we’re all alone!”

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