Prompt 10: Metamorphosis

26 Aug

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Prompt 10: Metamorphosis

Would you believe me if I told you last night I went to bed and woke up a pile of dust? Well I did- I can prove it, I’ll tell you exactly how it happened. Last night my family had a big argument and I wished that I could ‘go unnoticed’ thinking maybe then I wouldn’t be the target of such negativity- Now that I think of it, boy I must have been so through with them. I didn’t even leave. It’s not like someone chained me there, but I somehow for some reason felt obligated. Obligated to stay. Forever. The next morning I woke I was under the bed, merely a pile of dust. Everyone was weeping. I head them say they had set up posts all around town and filed a missing persons report. Silly really. This is the first time they even showed that they cared.

My mom keeps putting my mail on the bed like I’ll magically reappear when everyone knows I won’t. The baby keeps playing in front of my bed- It’s like she’s the only one who can see me. I can too, through the mirror adjacent to the bed it is the only place that even remotely makes me feel like all those nights ago ever happened. Eventually I will be in all the mirrors. Every where- You didn’t think I had just stayed in the same place, did you?

I went on a cruise to Tahiti, while blowing through romantic France. I’ve met the sands of the great Sahara desert, and have even seen the hustle and bustle of Japan. Tired of being home? Step outside. Make a wish. It’ll be fun. Maybe until you like me realize, you have everywhere to move but on.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

5 Responses to “Prompt 10: Metamorphosis”

  1. mindlovemisery at 12:38 PM #

    I love the concept, this is fabulous! And the bit at the end about overcoming obstacles and living life to fullest genius

    • KyannaKitt at 12:39 PM #

      Thank you. I’m terrible at writing prompts, especially if they have to be romantic. Hahaha. Thank you very much. xoxo

  2. mcdulac5 at 6:59 PM #

    Very clever! I love a story that is so self-sufficient and so well-structured in so few words!

  3. Whimsical. A fun read.

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