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The River Rats

27 Aug

Kurt Rees

You see them
every day.
They stand in line
at the local store.
They also appear
while you are driving.
Once the sun goes down
people say they go home,
but we know their souls
gather at the river.

There is an angel
that has been sitting
at the bridge
looking over the river.
He has been there
for years.
He is starting
to turn black
and his feathers
are starting to
blow away in the wind.
He is trying to find a soul
worthy of taking back to
his master,
but he will not find one here
at the river.

The river rats
show their faces to you
during the day.
They are the ones
in line at the store
complaining of a lighter
being 99 cents
while you look at the display
and see that the sign clearly
states 1.05.
They are the ones
who flip you off…

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The Wake Of The Raven

27 Aug

Depression by Vesuvia on

I can not live in the shadows of statues built of the men that have come before me

I cannot uplift what is pinned at every corner with nail, hammer, and bow

I can not un-glamour the eyes of those lost to false vision of materials of beauty

I can not out weigh the measures of every excessively heavy man nor is it my duty

I shall not dive to the depths of Tartarus to save the soul of commons

I do not wish to be forgiven for thoughts I’ve bared forgotten

For I to breathe in itself is a dainty task

Ne’er do I deserve it, nor did I ask

A wretch in jewels endowed with rich garment praised in sanction

A poor womans cry unpitied but astonishingly always forsaken

In this the wake in that our seed grows

In glass full emptied ne’er chances they never will know

Smite thy children, burn thy frail bone

Halt in wake of the raven where nothing feels and no one knows

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

The inkling by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

27 Aug

Madstoffa's crunchy house!

He was merely the catalyst for her radiance,
She was the body of light in waiting.
He told her she was stunning.

Each time a flicker of reluctant
Acceptance fed the filament,
Until her bulb threw out her light.

She held his hand in hers.
He was more thankful than she.
Because, in the back of her mind,

She still failed to believe she
Could have any effect on
Another human’s heart.

She didn’t have an inkling how
His heart swelled to bursting
Every time her face filled his mind:

Pushing away the cold winter clouds.
Bringing every one of his senses
To a lost sweet surrender.

She would one day.

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One Last Mistake.

27 Aug

What are you Afraid of?

27 Aug

Thinking About Living

We all have fears. Fear is necessary to prevent us from doing dangerous things. But in many cases it can also prevent us from doing good things.

Everyone allows their fears to define them and the choices they make to some degree. Sometimes we don’t even know we are afraid. It seems to me one of the biggest things that hold people back in life. We can defeat ourselves with it.

Some typical examples include;

  • Judgement
  • Failure
  • Loss of power/control
  • Rejection
  • Loss
  • Instinct based fears and phobias.

I think a good exercise is to write the things we are afraid of and even ask people who know us what they observe as we may not even be aware of some of our own fears. Then we should analyse how each of these fears affects our lives and if they are getting in the way of us reaching our personal and relational potential.


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