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17 Aug


Stars dress the night so familiarly

emblazoning them in my mind

every nigh a different style

some missing, for a while

This reminds me that at some point all of our lights will go.

To where, certainly we’ll soon know

we are a;ways fleeting like the stars

or a red balloon set free to the sky

like racers in our perspective cars

our night holds greater mystery and triumph only few can see

I ponder

sipping my orange hibiscus blossom tea…

I really do.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt


7 Aug
"The One" by prozac1 ~ Image courtesy of

“The One” by prozac1 ~ Image courtesy of

Floating through that celestial mirror,

which was my dream…

At some point crystal clearer

than that the thing that it’d mean-

I know that in the moment,

I flow over and under

that which is existential.

Voices crowding my lair,

my being, space- bears essential.

Time, less obligation

irrelevance to I merely


In this prism vision

hovering the veil of truth & fiction

numb mind, still heart

ever beating me- A part

this space I know now is no reprieve,

for I still have face of fool

in my sleep!

Left chasing which is incomparable

to mine own fate.

Frankly a feeble minded victim

lacking in weight.

Dare that entangled dream ‘er come for me,

‘rouse my mind-

Admit defeat he will this time!

How’d fare you if your own sacred

temple held you captive?

Free of will,

abundantly active?

These gates which were erected to protect my thought

lack purpose like faux art!

If I could I’d have gladly

administered my own disposition.

Seize an artifact

made for wishing but,

my pattern has already been woven

by the hands of the maker…

I’d take her…

I’d take her too…

I thought as I spilled into the river basin which held my

logic, my thought

I’m thinking

And again waking

to life…

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

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