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18 Aug
Blossoming Lotus by Michelle Sun

Blossoming Lotus by Michelle Sun


when I was a child,

hope was an ever-blooming flower

in the palm of my hand.

Both fragrant and aromatic

with color gradients every growing too.

As I began to age walking o’er the cold

black pavement ‘life’

it grew deeper in hue

black for sadness

blue for unwillingness

purple for knowledge

granted by the sands-

of time we are of essences

this is why we live.

Willing, waiting, wanting

waiving like flags high up on our towering poles we blow freely…

are we proud? Am we now?

I denounce that dreadful omen hope-

and the day we ever did meet

am we proud?

Ne’er are we.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

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