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18 Aug

I wish I could smile among birds of prey

I wish darkness never did meet light of day

I pray the fish will save me from a sea of monsters

I pray & wish to never owe debt to demon or monster

I dare believe in protection from he of the sky

I dare seek strength and courage for on the day I die,

I’ll walk amongst those faceless souls I never did meet

I’ll finally take part in the sea of evergreen

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Prompt 4: Music- Inspired by “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

17 Aug


Confusion sets in like thick clouds on a humid & hazy summer day- And that it was. I merely a child sat watching MTV on my Barbie princess sheets. I don’t know what piqued my interest more the transparent purple television with the 3 foot antenna or the music. I was hot headed child, always grumpy but never easily irritated. I am always the first definition that comes to mind when I think of a paradox. Passive but aggressive, Gentle but rough both sweet and sour like the candy from my youth… Those were the 90’s. As I am sitting here picking my memories I can see myself as a child writing poems and stories and constantly putting entries in my ‘Book of Everything’ as I see myself stuffing things into these catalogs, I am inspire by Nirvana. Smells Like Teen Spirit. If you are wondering, yes it still is one of my favorite songs.


Grump kid

after school

rushing through homework.

Quick drink and snack

time for cheerleading practice

I grunt and pout

Oh how I loathe this place

I ball up my tiny face

These smiles faker than

a politicians promise

transparent- disgrace

I hate that big bitch the most,

I roll my eyes

Go Pioneers , Go!

Some frontier.

Journal Entry & Poem

24 Jul

So today was a bit rough for me. I woke up to more chores than usual and then continued my day as best I could only to get swamped with school work. Ten hours later I can safely say that the result of the day was just a terrible migraine. Could have been worse I suppose… And what better way to end the day than to utilize my already dry wilted brain by writing a poem. Or so I think…

I’ve been pressed to feel great annoyance today

I woke to filth, such an unpleasant thing-

Why is it every morning the sun rises we expect a new start

Lacking reason of and for purpose, such a befuddling thought…

I played music, I drew, and  played my guitar

I cooked, I wrote papers, then I lay bare in the budoir

These minuscule things torture my soul

Every tiny step methodically planned down to the beckon down to the toll

I bet to most this thought is crazy like me, I know

Just another repetitive day,

stressful and slow


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