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26 Aug



                     To love the beach, walking along the sand so warm,

Looking ahead of me at the pier in the distance.

The feel of the wind as i’m walking the wet sandy shore,

The sun shining in the sky, seagulls flying in search for food.

My thoughts are of many things as i dream of life’s pleasures,

At peace am i strolling along listening, always listening.

The waves are a beautiful sight, musical tunes crashing upon the shore,

The horizon seems like forever as i stare in silence at its mystery.

Shadows from clouds darken the ocean but only a touch,

The wonders of life that live beneath the waters are seen from within.

Beaches and oceans have been forever,

There’s a great love for me as they go on together.

Keith Garrett

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A Twisted Tale

17 Aug

Prompt 7: Nonesense/ Madness

Prompt 7: Jabberwocky

A Twisted Tale” by Kyanna Kitt

poking her umbrella

through the overhead pond

jumping down to get up

high enough

to catch a fish

for the fire-

It’s is dinner time after all.

Drops of water leaving

the river,

dancing as they glob

and mate together…


she got one plump sword fish

perfect for tree fights

Lord knows those thing

would take your head off

if you weren’t looking at them.

She placed the fish into

her bejeweled scabbard

and rustled through the

topsy turvy trees

The trick to going unnoticed

amongst trees?

Peanut butter!

Why else would thick

glops of the that gunk be

entangled into her short

coily hair.

As she jumped

out of the woods

heading to the village.

Colorful cottage.

She pulled out a thick

strand of ribbon

perfect wind catcher-

It blew her smack into

the front door of her home.

She happily skipped inside

throwing her catch to the

fire and swirling down the

stairs to the roof top to

meet her parents who were

already gone to beddy byes.

She slid into a boat that was

in the river adjacent to their

home as it tried to escape

so that she too could-

now covered in plops of white fleece

that was raining from the sky

meet her dream fantasy

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

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