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I Remember: Weekly Writing Challenge

27 Aug

I Remember: Weekly Writing Challenge

My earliest memory was of me my brothers Kevin and Fred, and my sister Akieta riding into Willoughby Spit in the old caravan. The van was so packed you could barely see through the dust windows. We were moving from Tennessee so it had been a long ride… Or so I think… Hmm… Now that I think of it, I don’t know where the hell we were coming from. I’m not even sure who all was in the van- Well I know daddy was driving and mom was in the passenger side seat. There were stacks of brown card board boxes, this I remember clearly. I also remember having pulled up and going into the house. There were things already inside. I did not like that there were a lot of doors… I didn’t like the house itself. The moment I had seen it I had felt that it was going to be bad. I remember there was a huge tarantula spider in the kitchen which scared me…

Sigh. Those crazy summer days in the 90’s.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

My Yearning

26 Aug

My Yearning

I could lie and say I never want to see you again.

I could easily say I would, if given a chance.

For all those times you’ve objectively hurt me-

I a fool to have even fought what my mind and body felt.

I wanted you, from the start, and you did too.

I remember the hotness of my face when you first admitted it.

I slaying temptation with every cell of my body…

Do you honestly think I never wanted to conquer you?

Do you truly believe I would have never made a move?

You were foreign to me in so many ways & this enticed me…

I wanted to taste your lips the moment I saw them-

I wanted to feel myself wrapped around you.

I wanted every ounce of heart-stopping intimacy with you-

I could see you- You knew the whole time…

You were so compelled that you didn’t want to take me-

This killed me inside. My body constantly fighting for what was never mind to begin with-

If you please could give me but an answer as to why…

Copyright Kyanna Kitt

Prompt 15: Childhood Dreams

26 Aug

Prompt 15

Prompt 15: Childhood Dreams

When I grow up

I want to write books

sing in a band

be a pastry cook

I’d scribble in a million libretas

jotting down every thought

not skipping a recipe

or anything I was taught

When mommy woke & went for the kitchen

as did my eyes

I’d sit and read the paper-

I was only but 5.

I’ve always dreamt of seeing my work

In books, publications, articles-


I have many dreams that remain stashed in my mind

They too shall come to pass given time.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Prompt 11: Literary Idol

26 Aug


Prompt 11: Literary Idol

When I read you work

I am lifted.

Great tales of


Brilliant paradox


Chivalrous knights

self-glorifying folk.

Proud disposition

objective- caustic-

Futile aspiration to

unmask societal truths

that still centuries later

are our life.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer a great literary idol of mine.

Prompt 10: Metamorphosis

26 Aug

Prompt 10 Link

Prompt 10: Metamorphosis

Would you believe me if I told you last night I went to bed and woke up a pile of dust? Well I did- I can prove it, I’ll tell you exactly how it happened. Last night my family had a big argument and I wished that I could ‘go unnoticed’ thinking maybe then I wouldn’t be the target of such negativity- Now that I think of it, boy I must have been so through with them. I didn’t even leave. It’s not like someone chained me there, but I somehow for some reason felt obligated. Obligated to stay. Forever. The next morning I woke I was under the bed, merely a pile of dust. Everyone was weeping. I head them say they had set up posts all around town and filed a missing persons report. Silly really. This is the first time they even showed that they cared.

My mom keeps putting my mail on the bed like I’ll magically reappear when everyone knows I won’t. The baby keeps playing in front of my bed- It’s like she’s the only one who can see me. I can too, through the mirror adjacent to the bed it is the only place that even remotely makes me feel like all those nights ago ever happened. Eventually I will be in all the mirrors. Every where- You didn’t think I had just stayed in the same place, did you?

I went on a cruise to Tahiti, while blowing through romantic France. I’ve met the sands of the great Sahara desert, and have even seen the hustle and bustle of Japan. Tired of being home? Step outside. Make a wish. It’ll be fun. Maybe until you like me realize, you have everywhere to move but on.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

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