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28 Aug



Belief & truth.

Not always the same.

Offender” & criminals.

Always to blame?

The hand that feeds you-

Does not essentially nurture.

Truth in life?

None, or frankly obscure.

Hope & faith?

Similar at best.

Certainty in reason?

Give it a rest.


©copyright Kyanna Kitt

I asked

18 Aug

I asked


I asked for a whisper,

and that was in vain.

I couldn’t beg you to utter or even murmur my name.

I asked for a wish,

this I swear to be true-

one that I’d use or better waste on you.

I asked for an embrace,

but it just would not have been fair.

because I’m always here, you’re never there.

I asked for acknowledgement,

that was just far too much.

I would dare ask for a kiss, let alone a touch.

Since everything I ask is a daunting task,

never will I bother again, though the yearning is true-

I will not ask to become a part of you.


©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Light Burden

18 Aug

Light Burden

You, carried with me,

like a brooch on my shoulder,

a free floating burden,
that presently surprisingly was light.

Light like the feathery soft token,

you, dear lover, placed on my nose-

sweetly so. Me- being pampered

like a new born child.

You envelop me, surrounding me.

Great protector, you are my shield.

Turning me so tender sweet.

I but a spell to have cast on you.

This gladly so- I scribble with my pink pen.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt


18 Aug

I wish I could smile among birds of prey

I wish darkness never did meet light of day

I pray the fish will save me from a sea of monsters

I pray & wish to never owe debt to demon or monster

I dare believe in protection from he of the sky

I dare seek strength and courage for on the day I die,

I’ll walk amongst those faceless souls I never did meet

I’ll finally take part in the sea of evergreen

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Sea of Fishes

17 Aug

Sea of Fishes


Flutterish fluttering

splashing, wiggling alone

amidst a school of rainbow fish-

Sometimes watching them

taking note- critically of course.

‘Oh- They swim!’

Of course they do…

To be alone amongst fish

is an unimaginable feat,

one simply could not conceptualize.

The thought of follow the leader-

Would that not defeat the purpose?

Us each with an individual fate

a destiny

a verdict on our heads.

This destination a mystery-

One must think if the road to it is to be less traveled-

The lone fish can always stop-

To smell the marine life, for what it’s worth.


©copyright Kyanna Kitt


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