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Prompt 3: Stigma

17 Aug


Your blood work came back on Wednesday- Your thyroid levels are out of control- I see you’ve gained twenty pounds this last few days. What’s going on?” says Dr. Griffith inquisitively.

Well I’ve been eating right and exercising- Well I’ve been eating 200 calories a day, that’s the only way I can really control my weight,” I answer back truthfully.

Well you must have been eating something…” he responds in a scolding manner, as if I was an ignorant child.

Such is the life of a large person. Each person that is large gets large somehow, whether it be overeating, malnourishment, being sedentary, or even metabolic disorders, if you like me have hypothyroidism then you know exactly where I am coming from. All the Dr. Griffiths giving you holy hell [input] telling you about how you don’t exercise enough when you put in over 60 minutes each day- Or oh, let’s not forget your 200 calorie daily ‘allotment’ for food is ‘too much.’

Fat girls are jealous,” says someone as they sneer at you, this someone not even knowing what it feels like to starve or overexert yourself without results- Let alone skip a meal.

You need to stop sitting down all day,” says a guy who drinks a twelve pack a day and doesn’t know a bicep from his butt crack.

Now, I can only speak from my own “fat” female perspective. I think it’s terrible that as women, we not only have to meet the societal standards of being pretty, but we also have to be skinny, no matter what the costs. Our culture teaches us to do everything in our power to make it seem like there truly is a superiority rule in terms of fatness. Some social stigmas are simple caused be insecure, self-loathing individuals. People get mad when they see some who isn’t considered beautiful by most standards, walk with her head tall and confident because she knows she’s beautiful both inside and OUT.

In conclusion, next time a skeletal rat-faced pug-nosed bitch tries to tell you about how you’re a fatty just smile and say, “ Thank you, I’m glad to have gotten your attention.” And of course, DO NOT forget to flip your head to the side and giggle. Misery loves company.

XOXOXO Kyanna ♥

P.S: As I found myself skimming my literary journal and thinking about this topic scouring, and picking it apart I created this poem. This is for- me.

Beauty is Beautiful”

See not with thine eyes

but with thy spirit.

Dash away lust from your brain-

Bear witness to me,

brown skinned,

luscious woman.

Feel my words when I speak.

Know my intelligence.

Keep your chivalry with me.

Feel my beauty.

Embrace it.

Know me as I am.


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