Investiagators of a Paranormal World

11 Jan

Patrick R. McDonough's Space for Thoughts

John ConstantineDylan DogSam and Dean Winchester

From left to right: John Constantine, Dylan Dog, Dean and Sam Winchester

The characters above all come from different backgrounds, have different outlooks on life, and go about their day-to-day routine differently. However, they all have one very BIG similarity–they all are investigators of the paranormal world. Some would consider what they investigate to be nightmarish or horrific. While others (most people), would scoff at them and call them crazy, had they been told what they do for a living.

Let’s start with John Constantine, shall we?

He’s a disillusioned soul with a habit of chain smoking cigarettes, cursing, and mucking around with the dark arts of sorcery, which inevitably ends him in dangerous situations.  He finds that holding onto friendships (with the exception of his roommate Francis “Chas” Chandler, who eventually travels with him and becomes his sidekick), is a harder thing to maintain than it is to…

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