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11 Jan













Aside 11 Jan

Bad dreams, and broken backs. Waking up with a throbbing beat, an unforgiving thickness in my throat like a heart attack.

The fright of loss, the denial of it pulling my weight like the burden it is…

Whose cold static lips kiss me in the cold of the dark?

Whose old fragile voice calls to my petrified body?

Where was the warmth love when I fell victim to that place?




11 Jan

I hoaxed a memorandum of you in hopes to prepare for an epic predestined failure.

For one day the eyes that I’d look into would most undoubtly be yours.



Untitled 2

28 Aug

I am happy for someone,

who necessarily doesn’t care about me.

I am proud of something that doesn’t really pertain to me.

I am befuddled about things-

Expressions; Content; Free


©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Untitled 3

28 Aug

Untitled 3

My love doesn’t stop

when the ink flow

leaves my vengeful pen.

Nor does it wrinkle

when you seem to never give in

to me….

My love doesn’t stop

when I’m tired of it-

tired of you.

Nor will it diminish

the thoughts I’ve had of you

for so long…

My love will grow

in our madness-

passionate seed.

It will flourish

beneath the Tuscan sea of love…

that is you.

This ridiculous ramble

is all that I’ve got inside

to show you that I –

adore you

it’s true.

My heart is bleeding

for you

though you can see

so nonchalant

you break my troubled mind

and force my emotions

then leave.

It’s funny how abruptly

love, or any relationship

for that matter can end.

Has there ever been a time

where love a was a hot glue gun

to you the unknowing child?

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

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