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I Remember: Weekly Writing Challenge

27 Aug

I Remember: Weekly Writing Challenge

My earliest memory was of me my brothers Kevin and Fred, and my sister Akieta riding into Willoughby Spit in the old caravan. The van was so packed you could barely see through the dust windows. We were moving from Tennessee so it had been a long ride… Or so I think… Hmm… Now that I think of it, I don’t know where the hell we were coming from. I’m not even sure who all was in the van- Well I know daddy was driving and mom was in the passenger side seat. There were stacks of brown card board boxes, this I remember clearly. I also remember having pulled up and going into the house. There were things already inside. I did not like that there were a lot of doors… I didn’t like the house itself. The moment I had seen it I had felt that it was going to be bad. I remember there was a huge tarantula spider in the kitchen which scared me…

Sigh. Those crazy summer days in the 90’s.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Fit to Write: Weekly Writing Challenge

26 Aug

Fit to Write: Weekly Writing Challenge

Fresh fruit.


Loads of greens.


Belly dance.

Sometimes a few miles of walking.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Pinch of You: Weekly Writing Challenge

26 Aug

Pinch of You: Weekly Writing Challenge

2 stale slices of dry humor

Top with a well blended mixture of:

1 tablespoon of sweetness

a pinch of black spice

a half a teaspoon of caring

2 teaspoons of creativity

Bake at 350° until golden brown. Let rest for 3 seconds before adding a lone redundant soul.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

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