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The Wake Of The Raven

27 Aug

Depression by Vesuvia on http://www.deviantart.com

I can not live in the shadows of statues built of the men that have come before me

I cannot uplift what is pinned at every corner with nail, hammer, and bow

I can not un-glamour the eyes of those lost to false vision of materials of beauty

I can not out weigh the measures of every excessively heavy man nor is it my duty

I shall not dive to the depths of Tartarus to save the soul of commons

I do not wish to be forgiven for thoughts I’ve bared forgotten

For I to breathe in itself is a dainty task

Ne’er do I deserve it, nor did I ask

A wretch in jewels endowed with rich garment praised in sanction

A poor womans cry unpitied but astonishingly always forsaken

In this the wake in that our seed grows

In glass full emptied ne’er chances they never will know

Smite thy children, burn thy frail bone

Halt in wake of the raven where nothing feels and no one knows

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

Fit to Write: Weekly Writing Challenge

26 Aug

Fit to Write: Weekly Writing Challenge

Fresh fruit.


Loads of greens.


Belly dance.

Sometimes a few miles of walking.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

A limerick

26 Aug

A limerick

I once met a woman with a pickle for a nose

Plums for eyes baby carrots for toes

She had lips of bananas hair of spinach leaf

Breasts of melon & those I did not eat

Laugh if you wish I do not care nothing was more funny than her candy apple derrière

©copyright Kyanna Kitt


18 Aug



I slept with my phone in pocket

expecting a buzz or a toll

I lay half-woke with knowledge

and hope that you may

reach out to me even under circumstance

so confined…

maybe I slept with my phone in my pocket nor for reason

nor for rhyme


I lay with worry heavy head

thinking you’d be wondering

thinking you’d care

I slept with my phone in my pocket

while you slept without a care


maybe I’m weak

maybe for you I fall

but someday ill be fast asleep

without a wish that you’d call


©copyright Kyanna Kitt


17 Aug

Why can’t I love what I envy?

Why can’t I have what is not there?

I feel a chill from within me

I feel it’s time to lay it bare.

What ever makes me smile I hate….

Whatever makes us bitter we mate…

The hilarity is not that we sleep

but that we snore-

What’s hilarious is being locked inside closed doors…

Insanity though dark and parasitic always wins

For it ever seeks and destroys

all hope we’ve burrowed within

so as much we lie, contradict or smear

We I deem, our own enemy, our own worst fear.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

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