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Journal Entry

17 Aug


I woke up this morning stretching and yawning as I rolled about my pallet on the floor. My eyes slowly blinked as I caught my first visions of that day. Papers- Notes, stories, poems, strewn all about my room, just as the clothes, shirts and shoes I had so lazily threw around earlier in the week.


I need to clean this filth immediately,” I spoke aloud turning to my belly to sit up.


The morning started as I knew it would. Work work work. It smelled as if an animal had died somewhere in the house, the back toilet was backed up for no apparent reason and there was shit spewing out of the tub. Now. Aside from my ovaries throbbing in pain in conjunction with my bleeding vagina- this was the most fucked up thing that could have happened. I started boiling water, spraying cleaners every where, running back and forth trying to fix these unlawful travesties….


The trash was take out- Dishes washed, the tub filled with the same harmful bleaches I wash the dishes with. So what? I’m weird like that. The garbage can filled with hot boiling water and that delicious smelling Hawaiian Lysol- The steam calling me it needed to fill my ostrils with 3 sweet seconds of paradise.


I rain to the computer thinking I must post on my blog or my 500 thousand followers are going to think I’m dead ( yeah right). Gotta get the ball rolling- Only to get put on hold due to my brothers addiction to Naruto Uzumaki.


»Damn you Naruto, I loathe thy very breath- Lest it leave you- «

Anyway, hopping into the shower for a few to wash the homemade cholesterol treatment I made off and freshen up-


Mr. Pry-or (God forsaken landlord) was rattling at the door of the bathroom.

What the bloody fuck!” I yelled distastefully. I was covered in grime and God only knows what else, and he decides that for one in his ridiculous life he wants to be a responsible landlord? I smell a can of rotten ass fish. Needless to say I was pissed off. I need me time. Shower time dammit! He, Squidward came in snarking about then pretended to be fixing the toilet and tub. Pssssst. Guess what? He was fucking faking. I was already at 10 but damn. I was seriously seeing red.

Fast forward to night. I’m clean. Bathroom is fucked but oh well. I’m okay. I’m alone again. I’m journaling. Sigh. Tea time. No not tea time. Not now anyway. Guitar time. Lewis Caroll time. I just adore his work. Off I go.

Ciao for now.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt


17 Aug


Stars dress the night so familiarly

emblazoning them in my mind

every nigh a different style

some missing, for a while

This reminds me that at some point all of our lights will go.

To where, certainly we’ll soon know

we are a;ways fleeting like the stars

or a red balloon set free to the sky

like racers in our perspective cars

our night holds greater mystery and triumph only few can see

I ponder

sipping my orange hibiscus blossom tea…

I really do.

©copyright Kyanna Kitt

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